Together we have owned and raised over 15 labs for hunting and companionship.

Eighteen years ago we were blessed with the dog of a lifetime, Sleepy Hollow's Yellow Daisy.  We are continuing her line because she, her daughter (Minnow) and granddaughters (Ruby & Lily), in our eyes, have been truly unrivaled.

We carefully choose  sires on personality, ability and breed standard.  Many of our dogs been trained on and

hunt duck, goose, wild pheasant, quail, and dove.  Some also have  been successful in antler hunting.

Our girls are amazing with people, especially children.  And if you look at their physique, they are the epitome of English breed standard.  All sires used in our breeding are champion show dogs.

We can't imagine our lives without them.  We raise our dogs in a rural setting with plenty of room to run and play.  They spend much time outdoors whether they are just going for a walk, retrieving in the water or playing with the kids.  We introduce them to birds at a young age and socialize them with all ages and other animals.  We feel this is a critical part of developing a dog to its full potential.

We are comfortable and confident in our dogs going to any type of safe environment and/or family. 

We believe our dogs to be top-notch, we could not, and would not breed them if we had any reservations about ability, personality, health, etc...